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Pain Treatment

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Most people experience pain but when it is severe or chronic you want it gone immediately. The most important thing in dealing with chronic pain is finding the cause and, if possible, finding an effective pain treatment.

  • Ankle pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Joint Pain/ Arthritis
  • Muscle Pain/Strain
  • Hip Pain


There are many ways massage can ease pain. One way is by increasing blood flow to sore, stiff joints and muscles. The extra circulation warms them up. Also, in the brain there are natural pain killers called endorphins. Massage can trigger the release of these into the body. The way the brain senses pain may be changed by massage.

Massage can help to relieve chronic aka long-lasting pain. Massage can also relieve tension and pain in stressed, overworked muscles. Most people who are on a massage maintenance plan experience a longer duration without pain.

Every person’s body responds differently to the number of treatments they should receive. It depends on your condition and your body’s response to treatment. It varies based on how severe your condition is and the length of time you have had your condition. Some people see results right away and for others it can take several sessions.

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