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10 Tips to Improve Your Self-Care Routine

  • February 21, 2022
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10 Tips to Improve Your Self-Care Routine - Texas MedClinic Careers

Self-care is an essential part of our overall well-being. When we disregard our mental and physical needs, it can negatively impact our body in ways such as increased pain, digestion problems, sleep irregularities, and even issues with fertility. Daily stressors can negatively impact our well-being, so it is important that we take time to find practices that bring us joy and show up for ourselves where we may need some extra attention. Here are some of our favorite self-care tips and routines at Essence Acupuncture and Wellness:

  1. Declutter your space
  • Organize areas where there is overflow. Oftentimes when we clean an area that has accumulated clutter, our minds will too feel less cluttered and you may find yourself feeling more refreshed next time you enter that space!
  1. Take a walk
  • Take some time and go outside for a walk! Giving yourself time to walk outside can help improve your mood by reducing stress and anxiety, along with increasing energy and promoting a better night’s sleep. It has also shown to regulate blood
    pressure and combat unhealthy food cravings.
  1. Regular acupuncture appointments
  • Acupuncture is highly sought after for its innate ability to treat a variety of conditions, and is a wonderful treatment method to implement into your self-care routine. Acupuncture and integrative medicine have shown to be highly effective for improving mental and emotional health, promoting healthy digestion, targeting conditions related to fertility and hormonal imbalances, improving physical activity and athletic performance, and providing an overall balance of wellness within the body.
  1. Soak in a hot bath
  • Taking a soak in a warm bath, especially at the end of the day, can be great for calming the nervous system, reducing levels of stress and anxiety, and promoting better sleep. It is also a great way to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints and muscles, increase blood circulation, balance hormones and boost your immunity. Try adding epsom salt or essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus to soothe muscles and promote relaxation!
  1. Book a massage
  • Massage therapy is a great way to emerge into self-care! There are many benefits to getting a massage beyond working out the knots and kinks in certain muscles and areas in our body– it has shown to be highly effective for improving quality of sleep by increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine, reducing blood pressure and cortisol levels, increasing blood circulation, and improving the immune system.
  1. Eat healthy foods
  • Eating foods full of nutrition gives our bodies the fuel necessary for being able to perform both mentally and physically. Compromising our bodies by eating unhealthy, processed foods will only worsen the state of your mental or physical well-being, so it is important to provide our bodies with the proper means necessary to show up as our best selves.
  1. Stay hydrated
  • Make sure you are keeping your body hydrated– start your day off with a glass of water! Going without drinkwater for several hours while we sleep can impact our hydration levels. Drinking a glass at the start of your day has many benefits, including decreasing brain fog, naturally increasing energy and alertness, aiding in digestion, and flushing out toxins.
  1. Jot it down in your journal
  • Journaling is a great way to clear out any mental clutter you may be experiencing and help you get organized. It offers an outlet of expression through writing which can improve mood, inspire creativity and enhance critical thinking skills, while also offering a safe space to articulate certain feelings and emotions that may be compromising your mood. Creating to-do lists and game plans through journaling can also help you accomplish tasks and achieve personal or professional goals.
  1. Sweat it out in a sauna
  • Sauna therapy is especially great for individuals who are physically active as it is known for reducing inflammation, stiffness and muscle soreness, expelling metabolic waste from the muscles, and increasing oxygen-rich blood circulation to the muscles for faster recovery. Infrared saunas has also shown to increase mental performance and improve quality of sleep, as well as supporting memory and brain health, and boosting the immune system.
  1. Take some time to meditate
  • Meditation offers many health benefits, most popularly known for enhancing mental and emotional wellness by minimizing stress, anxiety and depression; as well as improving mental discipline and attention. Meditation is also beneficial for memory, sleep, and pain management.

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