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An Ancient Chinese modality that focuses on creating “sha” which is the redness that appears from scraping (“Gua”) the body. It can treat muscle fascia by releasing the area and increasing range of motion. Guasha can move blood and help flush out toxins promoting normal, healthy circulation.  Guasha can be used to treat pain, reduce inflammation, reduce muscle stiffness, and also help release heat in febrile disorders.

Guasha FAQ's

While Gua Sha is a safe technique, it is important to seek treatment from a qualified professional to perform the technique properly.

Of course, Gua Sha is not suitable for everybody. Gua Sha may not be for you If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • You are on blood thinners or are prone to bleeding or blood clots.
  • You have recently had surgery.
  • You have an open wound, infection, sunburn, and other skin conditions.
  • You have some sort of medical implant, such as a pacemaker.
  • You have a weak constitution or dealing with a prolonged disease such as liver or kidney failure.

Gua sha can be used for a variety musculoskeletal and other concerns, such as….⠀

  • plantar fasciitis pain and tension in the feet.
  • asthma, chest congestion, and chest tightness
  • breaking up scar tissue from injuries or surgeries
  • promoting lymph fluid circulation and detoxification
  • can be used in prevention of colds and to reduce fever
  • to break up muscle tension and fascia and relieve pain
  • can support a healthy digestive system by promoting regular bowel movements⠀

*when used for fascial guasha; the technique is gentle and it encourages movement and drainage of mucous from the sinuses, reduces puffiness, minimizes lines and wrinkles, and supports a vibrant and healthy complexion.

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